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The Improv@Work session was great fun! Even though we have a cohesive team, it helped us bond further.

I can see great benefit in it being a catalyst for smoother, easier communication, as well as a support mechanism to enhance positive communication and culture.

Omar Afiouni, Chief Strategy Officer, MAP Institute


I attended Eric’s workshop, and was impressed with how connecting and fun it was, how it was a very different way of exploring teamwork, team dynamics, communication and collaboration, and how it produced much laughter in the process.

I saw an enhanced opportunity for teams to work together even online, having light-hearted fun while supporting their mental health and connection.

So I sought his guidance to running some short improv activities at the start of a workshop that focused on group healing and resolution through lightheartedness and fun, after years of conflict and challenge. He guided me through two improv activities.

They worked amazingly. The group relaxed more than they had in a long time.

They laughed and reflected on their group dynamics, and obtained key insights into how they interact together.

It set the foundation for more honest sharing and conversation.  …

I would definitely recommend Eric for coaching and guidance, and for teams and groups looking for fun, connection, greater well-being and an opportunity to learn about their own dynamics.

I would also recommend improv to enhance collaboration and for general team-building. And also if you are a facilitator who would like to include some different and fun improv activities as a small component of your workshops.

Tulsi van der Graaff, Partner, Brave People Soutions


Eric ran a four-week Improv@Work program with the sales team to facilitate communication and team building, as we worked from home due to COVID.

The course was extremely fun. It helped us to think more positively about how we communicate with each other and with our clients.

It also helped to strengthen and renew our bonds, as we remembered why we all love each other’s company.

I would recommend Rebootr for any business looking to strengthen team bonds, and facilitate better communication between staff and clients.

Thanks Eric!

Laura Athena Walker, Account Executive, EzyCollect


Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for organising this morning’s session.

I was never reluctant, but I did have a small thought [that] an hour and a half being quite a long time and so many things on the to-do-list… BUT I enjoyed it immensely, the time flew by, and it was super-worthwhile as both a team-building exercise and an individual brain-rejuvenator.

Team Member, Australian Institute of Botanical Sciences, Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust


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