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In June 2017, Rebootr, initially corporatemassage.io, evolved to bring corporate massage into hospitals and became a workplace massage provider. We conducted trials with organizations like Lawpath, Instructure, and Epping Boys High School in Sydney, demonstrating how onsite massage programs can reduce stress and enhance clear thinking

During the Covid shutdown, the focus of Rebootr switched to instead becoming a provider of team building, using the knowledge built up during the workplace massage phase.

As Rebootr emphasises team building with the applied improvisation methodology (AIM), the initial transition year aimed at proving the concept, specifically addressing the mental health crisis during the work-from-home shift. One outcome highlighted the prioritising of  client needs. To foster trust and respect and diminish dysfunctional relationships, AIM must be complemented by processes securing changes within the staff.

Now as a fully fledged consultancy,

Rebootr incorporates ‘Electives’, as well as other methodologies such as FISH!. Electives consist of anything from developing a Values and Mission Statement through the voices of the staff, organisation-wide compliments systems, brainstorming sessions, skills inventories, team mapping and a lot of personal interviewing to get to the bottom of what sustains poor relationships, and what is needed to fix it.

Why sets you apart from other consultancies?

Most training focuses on individual change (through services like DISC profiling or even Myers-Briggs), and this change will make them more connected and motivated to work for their employer.

Rebootr instead looks at the relationsip between people o teams. Once those relationships are aligned and functioning well, then the individuals shift, as we are social creatures and look to group acceptance to validate ourselves.

We are different in how we go about our programs. We eschew PowerPoint presentations and workbooks to fill in, and jump into experiential activities that change how we relate to others in real-time, rather than as an intellectual exercise.

It is these two focuses that set us apart from others.


Eric Vigo

Eric Vigo

Founder and Managing Director

Eric Vigo been doing theatre improvisation (dance and theatre) since first sampling Theatresports in Melbourne in 1997. From 2002, he learnt movement improv in Sydney and traveled the world practicing and learning it til 2009. During 2018 and 2019, Eric taught improv at a CBD Meetup. Seeing how improv changes mind states and has a positive effect on where they work, Eric is partnering with others to open improv up to more people and places.

Especially since the changes in employee workplace culture demands, loss in connection and communication skills, a degrading in team cohesion, and a VUCA world, there is now a greater urgency to keep businesses sustainable and growing through 2024 and 2025.

Eric makes sure that the outcomes of the business, its management and staff each get a win, and this is what makes businesses thrive, and lower people’s financial stress.

Rebootr is expanding its numbers of trainers and facilitators. Come on board!